The Best Blush Pink Paint Colours For Your Home

Blush pink isn’t a paint colour just for babies nurseries – oh no! If you want to create a soft cosy warm glow, you can’t beat a pale pink colour in any room in the house. So far I’ve added shades of blush pink paint in my main bedroom, in the kitchen and in the living room. In fact I’d probably just wrap the whole house in a lovely pinkish glow if I could! There is definitely a shade for every occasion. Although pink is often seen as a ‘girly’ paint colour – and it can come in some really saccharine shades- in a soft blush it can be surprisingly neutral!

Pink Ground – Farrow and Ball

I have used this soft blush pink colour in our main bedroom. The room is at the front of the house and North-West facing, so can feel a bit cold and gloomy, particularly in the mornings. I therefore wanted to create a space that felt bright and airy – taking advantage of the high ceiling, but also cosy and warm. So I wasn’t hoping for much then! Here is the mood board I made:

Mood board for master bedroom makeover showing possible wall paint, blind and lighting options.

And here is the (semi) finished room:

Bedroom walls painted in blush pink 'pink ground' by Farrow and Ball.

I love the warm peachy tones of this blush paint, which are miles away from a sugary pink. It just makes it feel like there is a beam of sunlight hitting the walls all the time. Adding mustard yellow accents really helps to add to the cosiness and warm feeling of the space.

Calamine – Farrow And Ball

Bathroom with walls painted in 'calamine' blush pink paint by Farrow and Ball.
Image: Farrow and Ball

Pink and grey is a classic colour combination, so teaming our grey kitchen cabinets with a soft pink paint when renovating our kitchen made perfect sense. The colour we chose was Calamine by Farrow and Ball. I absolutely love how this soft pink (which has a tiny hint of grey) really makes the grey cabinets pop and warms a space that could otherwise look quite stark.

Farrow & Ball calamine soft blush pink paint used with dark grey kitchen cupboard doors.

Soft Coral – Dulux

This is my default warm off-white pale pinky paint colour. I had it on the living room walls in our old house and it just gave the room a glow, but it’s neutral enough that it would go with pretty much anything.

As this is part of the Dulux Light & Space range, this paint colour is particularly suited to warming and brightening a darker room.

Pink 02 – Lick

A gorgeous pretty peachy dusty blush pink! This paint is perfect for almost any space within the home, in the pictures linked below you can see how it works in a stylish bathroom and a gorgeous living room:

Serene Pink – Yes Colours

Image: Serene Pink –

Not only is this a gorgeous restful shade of pink, but this blush paint is also environment and vegan friendly!

Serene pink by Yes colours