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Pink Master Bedroom Makeover

In our old house, the master bedroom was an unloved forgotten space for nearly the whole time we lived there. This was because we were in a blizzard of having babies and toddlers, a lack of money to do anything, the house had other, bigger issues and just general life stuff! When we moved in to our new house last year, I was determined not to let it happen again. I was keen to develop a warm cosy haven and I felt that a pink master bedroom would be exactly what we needed.

The Before

Like most of the rest of the house, the master bedroom was painted yellow. It also has a very unusual high sloping ceiling. Previous owners had added a dado rail around the bottom of the walls, so it was light yellow at the top of the walls and a greenish/yellow at the bottom. It also had green curtains with a large pelmet. My husband referred to these curtains as ‘the worst curtains in Britain’ – he loathed them sooo much!

The room is at the front of the house and North-West facing, so can feel a bit cold and gloomy, particularly in the mornings. I therefore wanted to create a space that felt bright and airy – taking advantage of the high ceiling, but also cosy and warm. So I wasn’t hoping for much then! Here is the mood board I made:

Mood board for master bedroom makeover showing possible wall paint, blind and lighting options.

And here is the finished room:

Newly renovated pink master bedroom with mustard accents.

I decided to go with Farrow & Ball’s paint in ‘Pink Ground’ for the walls. I love the warm peachy tones of this paint, but it isn’t a really girly sugary pink (which the husband was happy about!).

The Process

First off, I stripped off the fake dado rails from the walls. It then required a bit of fillering and sanding to get the walls back to a smooth finish. Along the way I realised the bottom half of the wall below the dado rail was actually wallpapered – I guess it was big in the 1990s?! After giving the ceiling a couple of coats of white paint, it was on to the walls.

My husband was very dubious about the pink paint. When I had painted a tester patch on the wall he had told me he didn’t like it…but I had a vision in my head, so I told him to trust me! As I painted the first coat I got more and more worried about his reaction – would he think it was too pink? Would he hate it?! I beavered away one Saturday afternoon while he was watching the football. I had to use a roller on a very long stick and then climb the ladder to reach the very top of the wall – won’t be doing that again in a hurry! When he eventually came upstairs to see what I had done, he said he ‘liked it’ -high praise from him! I was really happy because I absolutely love it!!!

On to the details…

Once I had my lovely soft pink walls as a backdrop, I was keen to get on to the details. As the pink is quite a strong colour, I was keen to keep everything else in the room neutral, with just a few splashes of contrasting colour to compliment it. To help maximise the feeling of light in the bedroom, I chose a fairly neutral coloured Roman blind from Blinds2go, using Sanderson fabric. I deliberately chose to have this made slightly larger than the window, so that it hangs outside the window frame. This minimises the amount of light it blocks out when its open. It still does a pretty good blackout job though when closed.

Next big item was the main light in the room. Due to the height of the ceiling, I feel the space needs quite a large light. The one that was there was a horrible fake brass and glass chandelier. I swapped this for this one from Next:

Master bedroom makeover Burford 6 light chandelier by Next.

You don’t want to know how my husband got this fixed up! Suffice it to say it was a health and safety nightmare!!!

I decided to pick up the mustard yellow colour in the blind in the cushions and throws for the bed. This was in part to counteract the pink and stop it becoming too overwhelming. It is also another lovely warm colour:

Master bedroom makeover - Mustard yellow throw and cushions to dress the bed.

Finally, I found this cute little garden bird painting, which was a steal from The Range:

Future Goals

I’m not a huge fan of carpet anywhere in a house really. I’d love to swap the bedroom one for oak flooring. However, we decided that this was a ‘first pass’ at the bedroom, so the exsisting carpet is staying. Similarly we’d like to change the bed frame , but the one we have is fine for now. I kind of like how it looks in the room anyway. We also need to re-organise the built-in wardrobes as they currently just have one hanging rail that is really low. This limits what else we can put in there. This would enable us to get rid of the massive chests of drawers (that I try to keep out of the photos!). While they are great because they are massive, they are also a pain because they are massive – just too big for the room!

Oh and I need to finish painting all the woodwork and the radiator… But for now, I’m super happy with our bright but cosy master bedroom !

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