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Kitchen diner lighting ideas - picture of an attractively lit kitchen.

Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Lighting to make the most of your space

One of the myriad of decisions we have had to make when planning our kitchen-diner knock through, is what lighting to have and where to put it. In our old kitchen, there was just one central light switch, which had a cheap 4 spot bar light on. Given the size of the room, this just was simply not adequate. I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to see what I’m cooking! Getting the lighting right in a room can transform the look and feel of it. These are my kitchen diner lighting ideas:

Kitchen diner lighting ideas - picture of an attractively lit kitchen with downlighters, task lighting and feature lights.

Think about how you want to use the space

We want our kitchen-diner-family areas to do multiple things. It needs to be bright during the daytime and early evening when the family are cooking and using the table for homework etc. But in the evening we want to be able to tone down the lighting to be more intimate whilst eating and socialising in the family area.

Downlighters spread across the kitchen ceiling, but particularly above the key workstations (sink, hob) really flood the room with bright, general purpose light. Task lighting too, from under cabinet lights can be helpful in the kitchen to ensure there are no areas of shadow on the worktops when prepping your evening meal. These lights can also be left on, when the main lights are turned off, to provide that more intimate mood.

Dividing the space

Lighting can help to divide an open plan space. For example a feature light above the dining table helps to define this area and set it apart from the main kitchen. This is what we have opted for in our space. Similarly, if you have a kitchen island, a feature light above it helps to delineate the ‘cooking’ space, from the ‘eating’ or ‘social’ space.

As we also have a family room area in our kitchen, we wanted to be able to turn the lighting on and off separately in this zone depending on whether it was in use or not.

Layering the light

When planning your lighting, you want it as flexible as possible. The ability to separately turn on and off different aspects of the lights is key to creating different moods. Similarly, using different types of bulbs in different areas can also change the feel. For example using bright white lights in the kitchen area, but using mellow warmer white bulbs in social spaces.


Our kitchen…

Apologies for the terrible drawing! For the lighting in our kitchen, we have opted to have downlighters through the kitchen area, with under cabinet task lighting. We then have a further 3 downlighters in the ‘walkway’ area between the kitchen and dining areas. In the dining area itself we are having a feature light fitting over the dining table. In the sitting area part of the room, we are having more downlighters. These are separately controllable from the rest of the room. We might also have some floor / table lamps in this area so make it more cosy. Here is how the kitchen diner part works together:

We are thrilled with how it’s come together! I hope you find my kitchen diner lighting ideas useful; see here for the full kitchen diner family room reveal post.

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