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Staged neutral bedroom with cosy textured accents

How to Stage a Master Bedroom for Sale

The Master bedroom is crucial for staging success. It should feel like a calming, welcoming oasis as this is where (generally) your potential buyers are going to sleep. Here are the ideas I used when staging our ex-rental property’s master bedroom to help achieve that relaxing look and feel:

Paint Colours

A fresh lick of paint is always an inexpensive way of refreshing and giving a space a new look. If you are staging a master bedroom you should pick calming, warm, neutral colours. For example an off-white, warm grey, soft blue or pale green or even good old Magnolia!

Staging a master bedroom for sale -bed with striking headboard and styled in warm neutral shades of beige with soft textured accents.
A really luxurious look in neutral colours with lovely soft warm textures in the bedding and thows – a really classic master bedroom.

The Bed

Of course, in a master bedroom the bed is the main focus of the room. This means that it needs to look great. Crisp freshly ironed bedlinen is essential, along with soft throw or 2 and a couple of cushions, to make it look squishy and inviting. See my post here about how to style your beds like a pro. You can use dressing the bed to give a pop of colour and texture to your otherwise neutral room, which helps to give it that comfy, luxurious feel.

Staging a master bedroom with a striking but not overpowering feature wall, and blue accents in the bedding.
This bedroom has a striking feature wall, but it’s not too overpowering and the rest of the room is neutral for a modern, fun look.

Unless you have a bed with a large headboard, I always think that a piece of artwork above the bed looks great and can add a touch of warmth and colour to the room. For artwork, stick to abstract, or fairly neutral landscape type scenes that blend with the room colours – no family portraits or naked people!

The striking pictures above the bed coordinate with the overall colour scheme of the room.

Other Furniture

As far as possible, try to remove as much unnecessary furniture as possible. If you are staging an empty house, avoid putting too much furniture in. Bedside tables either side of the bed are useful to show there is space to move around the bed. If there are no fitted wardrobes, then a small chest of drawers or a dressing table are enough to suggest to buyers there would be space for a wardrobe should you wish to have one.

Let the Light In

If you have blinds, make sure that they are open and letting in as much natural light as possible. If you have curtains, make sure they are in a light neutral material, nothing dark or heavy.

Declutter and clean

Clear all your clutter, removing all unnecessary items and ensuring that any items you do keep are stowed away neatly. This includes the tops of wardrobes, where items should be stored in boxes. Items pushed under the bed should be of sight and not a trip hazard! Lots of clutter not only ruins the ‘relaxing haven’ feel of the room, but also makes it look like there isn’t enough space.

Once you have decluttered, you need to clean, clean and then clean again! This includes inside fitted wardrobes if you have them, as people may well want to have a look inside.

For other helpful staging tips and advice, why not check out my house tour of our staged ex-rental house?

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