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How to Make the Most of a Tiny Bathroom

Many houses in the UK have tiny bathrooms, and if it is your only bathroom space it can be a real challenge to make it work for the whole family! In our last house (built in the 1950’s) the upstairs bathroom originally had no toilet in it. One had been added at some point, which meant that a bath, sink and toilet had to be squeezed into a space barely 6ft by 6ft. Not enough room to swing a cat! So we had to think really carefully about how we made the best use of space.

Bathroom Layout

In our case, due to the size of the room, there was very little opportunity to rearrange the layout – it was a tiny bathroom whichever way you looked at it. As it was our only full bathroom, and we had very young kids at the time, keeping the bath was imperative. Getting rid of the bath and putting in a lovely shower would have made the room much more spacious, but we felt that as it was a family house, it might making selling it more difficult down the line. I would always think very carefully about getting rid of the only bath in a house.

The world’s tiniest family bathroom – our old house

Keep it Light and Bright

In a tiny bathroom it really helps if the surfaces are a light bright colour. White tiles are timeless and help to blend the bathroom suite with the walls and floor and flow into one consistent space. Interest can be added by a coloured border tile, or an accent colour on the non-tiled areas of the room. Using a clear glass shower screen instead of a shower curtain is another way to gain a sense of space in a tiny bathroom. If you don’t mind seeing yourself in the buff (can be a bit frightening first thing in the morning!), then a large mirror instead of tiles behind the bath helps to make the room feel much bigger and lighter too.

Keep the Floor Clear

To try and maximise (literally) the floorspace in a tiny bathroom, one trick is to keep as much off the floor as possible. So have a wall-hung sink unit and toilet if possible. The more floor you can see, the bigger the room will feel:


Double-Up Spaces

When we moved into our old house, there was literally no storage in the bathroom anywhere. I have no idea where the former owners kept their toiletries! There wasn’t enough space for a decent sized wall mirror and a bathroom cabinet, so we had to double up and get a bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door. This gave us a decent amount of storage and a decent sized mirror in one hit.

Image: Amazon.

In the bathroom above a mirrored cabinet provides both excellent storage and a large mirror and light which helps to bounce light around the room.

Similarly, we replaced a small radiator and separate single towel rail with a much large towel radiator.

Keep Clutter Out of Sight

Having lots of shampoo and bubble-bath bottles along the side of the bath can very quickly make a small space feel really cluttered and small. Fitting a small shower-caddy to keep all those bottles neatly stored is very simple to do and they can be fitted even into the most tiny of spaces.

Image above: Amazon

Children’s bath toys littering the floor and sides of the bath can similarly make the room feel cluttered and small. We found a toy bag such as the one below to be really useful for keeping the toys together. If you sucker it to the side of the bath nearest the door, then they also aren’t the first things you see when you come into the room.

Image: Amazon

Everyone has a Towel

Because our bathroom was so tiny, there wasn’t enough space to allow storage of towels in the room. So, we installed pegs in all the bedrooms specifically for a towel. I then bought everyone their own set of towels. We just kept a hand towel and a floor mat on the bathroom towel radiator.

Living with a tiny bathroom can be a real challenge for a family, but with a bit of thought and planning you can still have a lovely bathroom that works for everyone 🙂

Kate x.

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