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Bright blue wall and yellow sofa in new family room

Family Room Tour

I’m delighted to be able to show you our new family room! It’s been a while coming; we had to wait much longer for a sofa to be delivered than normal because of the dreaded Corona – which meant we couldn’t quite finish the room. But the sofa is here, the pictures are up and I can’t wait to show it off!

Way back earlier in the year I shared my ideas and planning for the space, which used to be our dining room. Here is a before picture:

Dining room with bay window - no furniture, beige colour.
The old beige dining room…

Well I stuck fairly close to the plan (unusual for me!). I wanted to create a space that would work for the whole family in a number of different ways and would have a fun, modern feel. My 2 kids were keen to incorporate both blue and yellow into the decor, and I think I did that:

A Bright Zingy space now!

I kept most of the decor a really simple off-white, but went for a royal blue to create a feature wall behind the sofa. I also painted the window reveals blue too, which I think gives a subtle touch of colour without overwhelming the room.

The window reveals were a nightmare to get neat – but I love the effect!

A Squishy Sofa

While initially I was keen on the idea of a velvet sofa, with 2 growing boys and a dog I realised this probably just wasn’t practical! So instead we went for a leather sofa, in a beautiful shade of ochre / mustard yellow from Sofology, which I think sets off the blue wall behind beautifully. Whilst the TV on the wall opposite is undoubtedly a key component of the room (all those Xbox games to play!), I didn’t want it to be the focal point, and I think the bright pops of colour from the feature wall and sofa help to direct the focus here instead.

I love the blue and yellow combo.


I was really hoping for lots of storage in the family room, to house all those board games etc., plus all the boys’ computer game bits. One of the challenges was that there was a large radiator right where it would be perfect to have a big storage unit! I didn’t want to sit looking at a radiator, so we come up with a solution that could hide the radiator and provide a good amount of storage. Here it is:

We bought 2 1000mm kitchen base cupboards from B&Q and cut them down to 400mm in depth, as opposed to the usual 600mm. One of these cupboards contains the radiator, and the other provides a good amount of storage:

We also bought a piece of laminate worktop to fit on the top and finish it off. We haven’t quite done it yet, but we plan to replace the cupboard centres with some sort of hessian / jute type material, so the radiator still heats the room. In the corner next to the sofa, we also have a small cube storage unit which doubles as a stand for our fish tank. All in all, while I haven’t quite achieved the storage unit of dreams (!), we still have a good amount of storage in the room, and I’m happy.

Desk Area

Our family room as a beautiful bay window and I love the light that comes in from it. I thought that it would be a wonderful desk area, for the kids to play Lego on and do their homework. I was after something that fit perfectly into the alcove, and we also wanted a material that could withstand a lot of wear and tear. So we bought a piece of laminate worktop and Mr G cut it to fit. There was quite a lot of huffing and puffing getting it into position, worktops are heavy! It fits snugly under the window sill and is the ideal height for working at. In fact I’m sitting at the desk now typing this! The addition of simple white blinds at the windows keeps the area feeling fresh and light.

Originally I had hoped to have a bench seat for the desk area, however I decided that having 2 separate chairs would probably be more practical in the long run. So we went with 2 white ‘Eiffel’ style chairs.


A picture shelf installed above the TV provides an excellent space for displaying some of the boys’ artwork. Using a shelf also means that the pictures can frequently be updated and changed. On the blue wall I have posters of ski places that we have been to with the boys.


We’ve used the same laminate flooring as in the kitchen – so we now have this running throughout the downstairs. I love the flow that this gives. The kids also wanted a fluffy rug, so this simple diamond pattern one, feels very snuggly underfoot!

I think this is my favourite room in the house at the moment! I just love it – it’s not a massive space but it’s one we can all enjoy. This is exactly what I was aiming for 🙂

Kate x.

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