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Downstairs Cloakroom Budget Makeover

The downstairs cloakroom; the smallest room in the house; the powder room. Whatever you choose to call it, I always think it’s one of the rooms that tends to get the least attention decor wise and yet it’s one of the rooms in your home that many visitors see.

One of my house goals for the first part of the year was to give our downstairs cloakroom a spruce up. The floor was a very tired lino, the walls were dingy and after almost 2 years, we still hadn’t got round to even putting a mirror up in there! We didn’t have a massive budget for this, so it wasn’t a major renovation, more of a refresh. The toilet and sink are plain white and there are a few plain white tiles as a splashback above the sink. The tap has been recently replaced, so these things were staying.

First Thoughts

Our downstairs cloakroom is tiny, so I felt like it would be a great room to have a bit of fun with 🙂 I decided it was going dark! Here are my first thoughts:

Beautiful dark green downstairs cloakroom with contrasting floral wallpaper.
Image from Anna Glover – Garden of Serica wallpaper.

I love the beautiful colours in this wallpaper – but with 2 little boys (and 1 big one) in our household, I thought that wallpaper might not be such a great idea in the downstairs loo!

I also really liked these ideas:

I love the contrast between the dark walls and the patterned flooring in both of these images. Here is the moodboard that I came up with:


Paint Colour

The downstairs cloakroom was a pale yellow and quite tired and dirty looking. To make a bit more of a statement in the room, I decided to go for a dark green on a couple of the walls. The colour I chose is Emerald Glade by Dulux. However I also painted a couple of the walls in White Cotton by Dulux. To paint the whole room in the green would be too overwhelming in the space and make it feel really dark. I used Dulux Easycare paint that hopefully will withstand lots of splashes from the sink etc.


Previously the floor was tired lino that looked permanently dirty. Originally I intended to replace it with these peel and stick vinyl tiles from Amazon:

However once the old lino was taken up it quickly became clear that these tiles just wouldn’t be suitable to use. The concrete floor was too bumpy and uneven to put the tiles straight on to. We would need to put some kind of floor leveller down, which would require removing the toilet and sink. This just wasn’t on the cards at the moment.

Instead I replaced the old lino with a new piece of lino. This was still a low-cost option and as I still had the old piece of lino I was able to use this as a template for cutting the new lino to fit. This is the new lino:

Statement Mirror

I wanted to use a sunburst mirror as an eye catching feature in the room. The one in the moodboard above is from The Range. I found this one (which I know, isn’t really a sunburst mirror!) in Homesense:


I went for this simple but smart light from Mano Mano:

Art Work

It’s always nice to have something pretty to look at – whichever room you are in! I really like these 2 matching prints from JustinasWordArt on Etsy:

And that’s about it! So far I have spent about £100 on the flooring, light and paint. I’m really pleased with how it has come toghether, the space is so tiny though it’s virtually impossible to photograph – I have tried! Hopefully seeing these bits and pieces gives you some ideas 🙂

Kate x.

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