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Elegant grey marble tiled bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation: Ideas and Inspiration for the Family Bathroom

We weren’t planning on touching any of the bathrooms in our house any time soon, they were all functional, if not beautiful. If you’ve seen my post on how to give your bathroom a budget makeover, these were the kinds of ideas I was looking at to give the bathrooms a lift. However, it seems that life had other plans! The other day we discovered that the toilet in our family bathroom had been leaking for some time – and that it had been seeping water underneath the lino and so was in danger of soaking through the floor into the room below! Up came the lino and the toilet is now out of action…so what to do?

As luck would have it, we had some money set aside that we were planning on spending on the garden, which we are able to divert to the bathroom – so, we’re going for it and replacing the whole thing! This is really exciting – not only because the current bathroom doesn’t reflect our style at all, but also it just doesn’t function very well as a family bathroom for us, so I can’t wait to improve it.

It’s a fairly typical size bathroom in the UK, about 7ft wide by 6ft deep, so there’s not much scope for changing the layout. I will be following lots of the tips in my how to make the most of a tiny bathroom post! We currently have a showerbath, that we’re going to keep. There is no storage at all in the bathroom as there is a pedestal sink and no bathroom cabinets, so everything is just littered across the shelf that runs across the room. The main thing I hate about the bathroom though, is the white shiny tiles that cover every surface. It makes it feel like a public convenience! Here is a picture of what the bathroom currently looks like:

Family bathroom pre renovation with white tiles floor to ceiling and broken toilet.

Functional Changes

So first priority is to add some storage. I plan to build up the wall at the end of the bath to include a couple of tiled niches where shampoo bottles etc. can stay. Something like this:

sleek tiled bathroom with tiled niches in the shower area for bottles etc.
Image: Porcelain Superstore

I’m also hoping to replace the current pedestal sink with a wall-hung vanity unit, to provide some out of sight storage for toiletries and loo rolls etc. I’m going for a wall-hung unit so that the floor is clear underneath it as this gives an illusion of space in the bathroom, it also makes it much easier to keep the floor clean! Finally I’d really like to build the toilet cistern into the wall behind – again to save a bit of space. I’d also like to have a toilet that it completely smooth in shape and goes all the way to the wall – again for cleaning purposes (can you tell I have 2 boys) -lol!

Aesthetic Changes

Now for the fun stuff! As I said I’m itching to get rid of the white shiny tiles. I want to go for something that will be really classic and enduring. We’re going to have light grey marble effect tiles around the bath area, and behind the sink / toilet, but that’s it. I’m toying with the idea of having a mirrored wall next to the bath, to help make the space feel bigger and bounce the light around, but that’s still tbc. The remaining walls will be plastered and painted. We’re also going to have a tiled floor. So here’s the key ideas, hopefully it’ll be a really cool, calm and functional space:


Wall hung vanity unit

Back to wall toilet

Grey marble effect tiles

Watch this space to see how we get on!

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