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How to Give Your Bathroom a Budget Makeover

Bathrooms aren’t always the easiest rooms to give a facelift to if you are on a budget. The fixtures and fittings aren’t exactly cheap or easily moveable! In our new home the bathrooms are well down the list of jobs to be done, so I’ve come up with 10 ways to give a bathroom a budget makeover and make them much better to live with in the meantime.

1. Replace sealant and grout

First things first – no bathroom that has grubby sealant around the bath and shower trays etc. is ever going to feel clean and inviting! Replacing it will instantly make any bathroom feel cleaner and look smarter. This can be a bit of a messy and tough going DIY job, but it’s so worth it! Little House on the Corner have an excellent tutorial on how to do this job:

Yuk! Dirty Sealant is gross!

Cleaning / Replacing Grout

Grubby grout can also make a bathroom look shabby. Luckily this is really easy to fix with a grout pen! You can also use a grout pen to change the colour of your grout completely – giving your bathroom a new look. After you’ve given it all a wash, you literally get the pen and just colour the grout in!


2. Paint

Paint is always the quickest and easiest way of totally transforming a room! I recently transformed our downstairs cloakroom from a dingey yellow to a beautiful emerald green pretty much just with paint! Painting the walls in your bathroom can really easily change the mood and feel of the room:

You don’t have to stop at the walls either, you can also repaint bathroom cabinets, has an excellent tutorial on this:

If you’re feeling really brave (or your bathroom is really awful!) you can even paint the tiles. Though if you choose to do this, make sure you use proper tile paint – I lived in a house once where the tiles had been painted in gloss paint – nothing like peeling strips of paint off the tiles while you’re in the shower!

3. Tile Transfers / Decals / Peel and Stick Tiles

If you want to improve your bathroom tiles but painting them is a bit too extreme, why not add a bit of pattern with tile transfers or decals? In our first flat the bathroom was fine, except that the tiles in the bathroom were just those square white ones you get in public toilets?! So, I used some tile transfers to add a bit of pattern to the tiles – it was a triumph! The bathroom looked sooo much better. Here are a few ideas:

Using these tile stickers are so much cheaper than peel and stick tiles, and they stay on brilliantly well too. If you have a fairly small area to cover, then peel and stick tiles are now massively popular and look amazing. I used them in our previous house to revamp a kitchen splashback and they were great! It’d be pretty pricey to do a whole room with them though – probably cheaper to actually retile it.

4. A Statement Mirror

An amazing mirror can totally transform a bathroom and give it real character. In my recent makeover of our downstairs cloakroom I chose a round mirror that really adds something extra to the room. Here are a few other ideas:

Great mirrors are available from lots of places and need not break the bank.

5. Plants

Be they real or artificial, plants can really add a bit of life and colour to a bathroom and be quite stunning:

6. Upgrade Your Shower Curtain

If you have a shower curtain in your bathroom, why not have some fun with it? This is a super-cheap and easy way of adding a pop of colour or pattern to the room:

7. Bath mats / outdoor rugs / lino mats

Personally I’m not a huge fan of a fluffy bath mat, however if the floor is a bit ropey, they are a handy way of covering it up! If you have a bit more floor space, why not use an outdoor rug, or even a lino mat as an alternative:

8. Add Some Candles

Adding some candles is always a lovely way of making a bathroom feel more luxurious. If they are also scented then all the better!


These mason jar candles are a great DIY make to keep the costs down!

9. Storage Pots / Jars

Stylish storage pots and jars for soaps, cotton buds etc. can instantly add some style and glamour to the bathroom and don’t have to be expensive:

10. Add Some Art

Why not have something nice to look at while on the loo?! Adding a couple of pieces of art work can really change up the look of your bathroom, softening some of the hard edges and making it feel more luxurious – and it’s really easy to change them when you get bored too! Here are a few ideas:

Right, I hope you have enjoyed my ideas for giving your bathroom a budget makeover, I’m full of ideas now – I’m off to glam up my bathroom!

Kate x.

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