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A DIY Cube Storage Makeover

I have been looking for a little drinks cabinet for my kitchen for a while now. I had seen a few that I really liked, but I really didn’t like the price! I had an old B&Q cube storage unit hanging around, which I was reluctant to throw away as they are so useful. So I decided to see whether I could use a few easy DIY tricks to give my cube storage a makeover; hopefully upcycling it into a fabulous drinks cabinet!

Preparing The Cube Storage Unit for It’s DIY Makeover

To begin my DIY makeover, I decided that my cube storage unit needed to stand vertically rather than horizontally. I therefore stood the cabinet up and removed the little sucker pad feet it had previously, and gave it a good clean.

Next I gave my cabinet a very light sand all over and then once again cleaned it down. I sanded the cube unit because it’s made of particleboard and therefore wouldn’t paint particularly well without creating a ‘key’ for the paint to stick to.

The Upcycled Drinks Cabinet Starts To Take Shape

I bought some hairpin legs from Amazon, which I attached to the bottom of the cube cabinet. Next I painted. I went for a black paint from Rustoleum . This paint is self-priming and specifically designed to paint a wide variety of surfaces. I decided to go with a satin finish as I wanted it to have a slight sheen look. I decided just to paint the outside surfaces of the unit, leaving the inside surfaces exposed as ‘oak’. It looked pretty awful after the first coat, but I held my nerve and carried on!

Next I cut a piece of thin hardboard to size and painted it black. Once it was dry, I nailed this to the back of the storage cube to make a backing piece. My DIY cube storage to drinks cabinet makeover was really starting to take shape!

The Finishing Pieces

I decided to add some wine glass hangers to the top section of my cube unit. I got these from Amazon, which I simply screwed in.

I also added a couple of storage baskets from B&Q in the bottom cube sections, so that I had somewhere to put things I didn’t want to have on display.

And voila! My DIY cube storage makeover into a drinks cabinet is complete! I am so pleased with how it has turned out – and it was so cheap and easy to do. Its fits perfectly into our kitchen and I have saved myself a fortune :).

Finished DIY cube storage unit makeover now a sleek drinks cabinet.
My completed DIY cube storage to drinks cabinet upcycle!

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