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Wallpaper featuring pattern of games consoles

5 Boys Bedroom Decor Ideas

I have 2 sons, and I think it’s a great shame in this day and age that their choices in toys, clothes and bedroom decor are so defined by their gender. By this I mean that everything for boys seems to be themed along the lines of cars, planes, sport or dinosaurs. By the way, I feel equally sorry for little girls too; if you don’t like pink glittery unicorns you’ve had it! I am focusing on boys bedroom decor ideas today though, because I think their choices are particularly narrow.

Boys Bedroom Decor

When it comes to decorating a boy’s bedroom a bit of ‘out of box’ thinking is often required. When I decorate for my kids I like to think that the decor should last for at least 5 years. This means that I try to go for themes that will grow with the boys for a good while and not be a passing fad. So while there’s nothing wrong with a Dinosaur or Spiderman theme, we know that it may not stand the test of time for us!


Insects seem to carry both a fascination and a hint of edginess that many kids enjoy. You could create a feature wall with wallpaper such as this fabulous one from Ebern Designs (on Wayfair):

Dark grey wallpaper featuring beetle drawings on it - a boy bedroom decor idea.

Or, if this is too bold, then perhaps use some prints of insects, such as these by Marielle Leenders on Iamfy:

You could pick up some of the gorgeous jewel tones in the colours of the insects to use around the rest of the room too.

Stars and Space

There are a number of places you could go with this theme; a softer stars theme, with wallpaper such as this from World of Wallpaper:

silver and grey stars wallpaper - a boy bedroom decor idea.

Or a more grown up spacey theme with something like this from Arthouse Wallpaper:

Wallpaper featuring star constellations a boy bedroom decor idea.

There are lots of great bedding and accessory options available for this theme too:

This is how I used a Stars theme in my 7 year old’s bedroom.

Cactus Wallpaper

I absolutely love this cactus wallpaper by Muralswallpaper:

wallpaper featuring a cactus pattern.

This would make a great, fresh backdrop to everything else in the room and again there are some brilliant accessories available:


Geometric wallpaper has been really on trend the last couple of years and there are a vast array of wallpapers out there. Here are a few that I particularly like:

Again, if using patterned wallpaper on the wall is too much, you can pick it up in the accessories instead:

Video Gamers

I found this fabulous wallpaper for video gamers by MuralsWallpaper:

Wallpaper featuring pattern of games consoles

If this is too much there are also some great Wall Decals available, such as this one, by Amazon:

There are also some pretty awesome art prints out there too such as these from WallBuddy on Etsy:

Hopefully there are some useful ideas and inspiration here. For more ideas click to see how I used a space theme in my younger son’s bedroom and geometric pieces in my older son’s room.

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